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My Medusa is a IDO project (Initial Decentralized Offering) created on the Binance Smart Chain network (BEP-20). Its main objective is to raise funds with the help of cryptocurrencies and NFTs to assist different associations, initiatives and organizations that support women.

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Medusa Coin



My Medusa Coin (MYM)

There are approximately 3.811.000.000 women on the planet, what makes the supply of cryptocurrencies add up to 38 billion.

Liquidity pool

Our liquidity pool is locked for 1 year.

My Medusa NFTs

The collection of NFTs is made up of pixelart images of Medusa, Uroboros, Pan, Hugin and Munin . Accordingly to Fibonacci-sequence the collection will be extended.

MYM NFTs are available at Opensea. 50% of benefits aswell as fees will go to the different institutions we collaborate with. If will be equally apportioned among them. 

25% will be given to My Medusa coin to increase in liquidity. 

The remaining 25% will be used to cover expenses such as website, advertising and the creation of NFTs

Donation distribution system

Our donations are from 150 Euros. The intention is to help several organizations at the same time. We will initially support three groups receiving 50 Euros each. 

To ensure a fair distribution as our project grows, rotations are made between associations. If there are 12 groups three of them will receive their first donation. The second donation for them will be made after all other groups received their first donation. 

If you want to know more about the institutions we support, the following button takes you to a tab where their web addresses and the list of rotations are included. In this list we will indicate the total amount donated to each of the organizations.

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